All Terrain Brain | Scooter Pack


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Global Mechanic
  • Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
  • Producer: Elizabeth Murray
  • Art: Tachi Jacobsen & Celest Brown
  • Animation: Anik Rosenblum, Paul Boyd, Michael Mann, Scott Rintoul,  Elisa Chee & Scott Kiborn
  • Client: Three Chicks Media / Kaufmann Foundation

Episode 23 of All Terrain Brain – a series of musical one minute kids animations focused on entrepreneurial skills. Yes, that’s right, a musical kids show about passionate business.

I directed this series in 2007 at Global Mechanic for Three Chicks Media and the Kaufman Foundation. A few years later scooter backpacks started to appear on the market.. Coincidence?

-Nathaniel Akin