Nickelodeon | Nicktoons Kittikat IDs


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Global Mechanic
  • Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
  • Producer: Tina Oullette
  • Animation: Ian Godfrey & Nathaniel Akin
  • Client: Nickelodeon

This one’s from way-back…

These 5 second station IDs are for the 2004 launch of ‘Nicktoons’ the Nickelodeon digital cable animation station.

I originally created the KittiKat character for a different Nickelodeon project pitch, but the team at Nicktoons asked us if we could create some station IDs for their station launch using this character.

The challenge was to tell a story in 5 seconds using a character that basically has no expression.  Dennis Burke created the great chippy soundtrack.

-Nathaniel Akin