Silk Soy Milk | Bust it or Believe it


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Global Mechanic
  • Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
  • Producer: Betty Wharton
  • Animation: Michael Mann, Nathaniel Akin, Justin Longoz, François-Marc Baillet and Anik Rosenblum
  • Agency: Leo Burnett

This online campaign for Silk Soy Milk is a first to use deep linked annotations at YouTube to create interactive animation on a branded page. The 10 different question and answer animation sequences address urban myths, which you then choose to ‘bust’ or ‘believe’.

Unlike most campaigns, they wanted a different style for each myth which made for a nice diversity of design work.

The Silk Canada page can be found here.

-Nathaniel Akin